Wish Stepfamily Life Felt Just A
Little More Calm & Peaceful?

Whether you're dealing with a high-conflict ex, difficult relationships with your stepchildren, or constantly feeling like you're on the outside looking in, blended family life throws a lot your way. We've created a place where you can access the tools you need AND find other stepfamilies just like you.

Wouldn't it be amazing

If you had the tools to handle stepfamily life AND a community of people who understood exactly how you felt?


Learn from the top stepfamily experts in the world while forming meaningful connections with people who understand the ups and downs of stepfamily life - because we've lived it


Enjoy a safe space OFF of social media to share your experiences, ask for guidance, and help other when you can... regardless of your stage of stepfamily life 


Apply your new skills and understanding as you move through the steps of the Stepfamily Success Path towards finally achieving a stepfamily life you love. 

Being thrown into the chaos of stepfamily life

doesn't mean it has to be your future.

  • You may feel like your life has been turned upside down when all you really want is to regain some of the peace you had before. Without feeling like you have to 'earn' your Stepmom title every moment of every day (because you don't!).
  • You may feel like you've somehow sacrificed your own happiness for this new family. Or like every day is you "just getting by."
  • And you might feel like there's nobody else who really understands what you're dealing with.
  • It’s time for more peace, tranquility, and happiness in your family. It’s time for more . . . 
  • After helping thousands of stepmoms just like you, I’ve developed a proven system to help you go from “fractured family” to “blended family” in a peaceful and stress-free way.

It's time to reclaim your life 

so you can feel more . . . 

  • Relieved and calm because you are no longer letting your spouse’s ex take over your life or threaten your relationship.
  • Empowered to handle what is in your control and let go of what you can’t (and shouldn’t) worry about.
  • Secure in your role and relationship with your partner.
  • Sane because you're able to control your privacy and personal space without the pressures from outside forces weighing you down.
  • Bonded with your new stepchildren, knowing you don’t have to compete with their mom (or be their buffer) in order to connect.
  • Connected to other people who understand.

Ready to feel like yourself again?

Hi, I'm Cameron !

I’m Cameron, CEO of Stepfamily Solutions. I'm a Certified Stepparent Coach, host of the popular Stepmom Diaries podcast, and founder of the Stepfamily Circle. Through my events, courses, and online resources, I've helped thousands of stepfamilies build thriving family lives.

Consider me your new Stepmom Cheerleader and BFF.

My story is probably a lot like yours . . .

When I got married, I was certain my new instant family would be the stuff of Rockwell paintings.

But I quickly realized it was less "instant family" and more . . . "instant chaos." 

Like a lot of new stepmoms, I found myself…
  • Constantly stressed and anxious, worried about whether the kids liked me or if I was doing a good enough job, and never knowing what fresh drama I might face on any given day.
  • Feeling like an outsider in my own family, completely clueless as to how to carefully and gently bond with my new stepchildren while I was under so much stress.
  • Powerless and at the mercy of my husband’s ex and all the control she now seemed to have over my life – and emotions… How did this happen?

And before I knew it, I was angry, hurt, and burnt out from trying to find my way in this situation I had been thrust into…

While I was just trying to keep the peace and keep everyone happy!

Sound familiar?!

What's Inside?

A Space For Every.
Single. Stepfamily.

The Stepfamily Circle Membership will give you REAL solutions.

Monthly Membership

$49/per month

  • Two Live group coaching sessions via Zoom with one of the top stepfamily coaches around(me!). We record one call per month in case you can't make it. And we keep one call "off the record" for your privacy.
  • live interview with a top stepfamily expert via Zoom per month (we record these, too!) Each month, we interview top stepfamily experts, coaches, and other professionals who come in to dissect every angle of stepfamily life. 
  • resources uploaded to the portal each month to help you with your stepfamily challenges (think practical worksheets and checklists, along with meditations, video lessons and much more!)
  • 6-Step stepfamily success path to guide you through every stage and challenge in stepfamily life - exclusively available to our members and nowhere else!
Monthly Membership

$49/per month

  • Regular support from & interaction with cameron (and other coaches) in the community
  • personal, private, safe
  • Bonus events like virtual coffees, book clubs, and happy hours 
Monthly Membership

$49/per month

  • DISCOUNTS ON OUR coaching programs
  • Discounts on our events
  • discounts on courses from the custom life
  • discounts from the inclusive stepmom
  • we're committed to saving our members money


How We Help


Weekly Members-Only resources

New tools every single week to make your stepfamily life more livable, including coaching, expert interviews and practical resources like scripts, worksheets, and more


Your Stepfamily Success Path

Take our quiz to learn where you are on your success path, then learn the action steps to implement and build the life you want for your family


you are not alone

Get to know other stepfamily members who are in similar circumstances - through our secure portal and app, completely OFF of social media. 


save on things that matter

Get deep discounts on additional coaching packages, events, and courses - not available anywhere else! 

Join us today and get started RIGHT NOW growing your skills and confidence to tackle all your stepfamily challenges

Real people.

Real stories.


"I did not realize how hard being a stepmom was going to be and had no clue about all the resources that are available. Beth and Cameron go above and beyond to really impact stepmoms' lives by having amazing speakers and presentations, as well as bonus materials that will help us grow.


I was feeling discouraged and down, but you brought me hope. I know it will be a long road but I’m feeling more confident that I can get the stepmom life I want.

anonymous member

I love getting to spend time with Cameron and Beth and the other stepmoms. It really helps to hear others having similar problems. And I've really enjoyed the book club and expert presentations.


I’ve always felt left out of the “mom club” as a stepmom. I now feel like I am part of an amazing tribe of women who are so strong and make a difference in their families everyday.


Love this, you two - you've created an incredible thing that will benefit so many people.


I wish I had this resource when I got married! It would have made the last 7 years so much easier

We have Answers . . . 

Is this going to solve all my stepfamily problems?

Oh, friend, we wish there was one single solution to every blended family situation. While there isn't a silver bullet solution we can promise, we do have a process that works.

Our Stepfamily Success Path will guide you through six aspects of blended family life that most impact your happiness. Understanding and applying what you learn about each aspect will absolutely improve your family life.

What kind of content will I get?

We put new content in the membership portal monthly. It ranges from interviews with experts, worksheets and checklists, and other practical tools to help you implement what you learn in the Success Path.

And twice a month, we'll hold a live coaching call where you can ask us anything.

What is the Stepfamily Success Path anyway?

In short, it's a blueprint that will help you sort through all the noise to build your own path to stepfamily success.

We've identified the six pillars of stepfamily life and how to approach them so that you can finally conquer the chaos and overwhelm to get that blended family life you thought you signed up for.

Once I join, when does my membership become active? 

Your membership activates as soon as your join, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately!

Does this involve a Facebook group?

We love Facebook groups for many purposes. But it was important to us to have a group away from social media so that our members felt fully comfortable learning and sharing from one another.

What if my spouse's ex signs up for the membership?

One of the things we love about this membership is that it's a safe place for you to learn and enjoy others in the community.

If your spouse's ex is part of a stepfamily, they have the ability to seek help and resources through the community.

But don't worry. We have a strict anti-harassment policy and strong community rules - if anyone violates them, they'll have to leave the group. Period.

Can I cancel at any time?

We hope you'll love the membership and will never leave. But if you decide you need to, you can leave at any time for any reason.

When you cancel a monthly plan, your membership will be canceled effective at the end of the current month, so you can access it until then.

When you cancel an annual plan, the cancellation will apply to the next year, so you'll be able to access the membership for the rest of the year that you signed up for.

I still have other questions!

No problem!  Feel free to reach out to us at editors@stepfamilymagazine.com with any questions you may have. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!




Whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey, you’ll find your place at Stepfamily Circle!

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